“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own thoughts.” ― James Allen


”Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you’ve never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.” — Judith Thurman


Bob is a natural leader and easily draws people to himself to accomplish a mission.



Bob wore three hats: Visionary, Communicator, and Leader. As a visionary, he was never satisfied with a good-enough product. He wanted it to be ever-simpler, ever more capable, and everywhere. As a communicator, he was an evangelist to customers and executives around the world, as well as to his development and delivery team. As a leader, he was not not content to improve himself and his direct reports, he worked to improve everybody around him. I intend to keep repeating some of his favorite questions: 'How did THAT go? What could we have done better?

Marco Parillo - Consultant at Independence Blue Cross

Bob has tremendous insight into the value of machine generated data and its application into a client's value chain. He is foresightful in his methods and leads others to fulfill their own potential. Bob is the consummate team player and his expertise in automated service delivery is world class. It was an honor to work with Bob.

Kent Holcomb - Global Director, Field Service Transformation IBM : Chief Technology Officer

Bob was my first manager at IBM and he really impressed me with his dynamic leadership, which made me realize how visionaries like him help build the image of a company.

Once he was in charge, I saw the small pilot project we developed grew into something used worldwide. The customer base was grown from a couple of thousands to hundreds of thousands generating millions of transactions a month. He really inspires the people who work for him and bring in really creative ideas and do brain storming sessions with the focus on improving customer experience and ensure satisfaction.

Sajan Lukose - Architect - Electronic Service Agent, Electronic Inventory at IBM

Bob provided mentorship and leadership to a team with a few too many alpha dogs. He helped people to work past their differences and to build a team that was able to accomplish great things in the face of overwhelming bureaucracy. Most of all, Bob never lost patience and always found a way to persuade people to do things because they were the best things to do.

Phil Miller - Senior Software Engineer at Tripwire

Bob is very talented PM capable of providing end to end management, oversight and execution of IT projects. He is personable, confident, and articulate in his professional demeanor and insightful of team organizational challenges. Bob is customer oriented and service minded in his leadership approach, something I valued very much while working with him at IBM.

Ki Hwang - Partner, IBM Global Business Services

Bob is an exceptional leader who provides clear vision and direction to his team. He motivates people across teams to achieve goals with exceptional results. Bob focuses on the client and what we can do to improve their experience with IBM. It has been a pleasure working with Bob on the client adoption initiatives for IBM Electronic Support. We achieved amazing results with his outstanding guidance!

Jennifer Raisig - Business Operations Manager, Software Defined Systems at IBM

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