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Product Manager Networking

The Product Manager and Networking

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A successful product manager is an avid networker. Every successful product is a direct result of a team or teams working together to develop and deliver the product. At IBM, I would…

Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement and the Product Manager

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“What happened and what are we going to do so it doesn’t happen again?” With a new development team and a new project manager, I seemed to always repeat myself….

The Most Important Person on the Project

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As a product manager, it’s important to recognize the most important person on the project. When you notice and recognize him or her, they will put more effort into the…

The PDCA of life

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I recently attended a Scaled Agile Training as well as I have been listening to CD’s by Orrin Woodward. A common theme was this idea of PDCA. PDCA was made popular by…

balance as a product manager

5 tips to keeping balance as a product manager

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Balance as a product manager Starting a job and establishing a reputation in a new company can be tiring. Keeping balance as a product manager was not a high priority…


Enthusiastic Product Managers make a difference

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There is a real magic in enthusiasm. It spells the difference between mediocrity and accomplishment. -Norman Vincent Peale As a product manager, it’s easy to get caught in the grind and…


Stakeholder Management and The Product Manager

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I was at a Product Manager meetup the other day and was asked the question how often do I get the executives together.  A young product manager looked somewhat confused…

The Magic of Thinking Big

The Product Manager and The Magic of Thinking Big

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A product manager must be a big thinker. Instead of asking can we do this, be sure to ask why can’t we do this? When managing “call home” for IBM,…


5 Reflections on My First 100 Days

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I read many books about the first 100 days at your new position. I now reflect on my first 100 days at Symantec. I’ve put a lot of energy into…

Chicken head

To Eat or Not to Eat? The Question That Changed My Thinking

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I was the guest of honor. I had traveled 27 hours to reach China, spent 2 days training the local team, and I was tired!  The people from work were…

sochi winter olympics

Sochi Fails: Why Product Managers Need to Travel Abroad

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It’s amusing to hear all the reactions of the visitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics. All the fails, from hotel lobbies that are not complete, broken elevators, no hot water,…

pete carroll leadership

6 Leadership Lessons From Pete Carroll

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As a long time Seattle Seahawks fan, a dream came true when they won the Super Bowl.  As a student of leadership, I took some time to reflect on the…

Productivity and the product manager

Productivity and the Product Manager

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Being a product manager in todays crazy environment can be like juggling a chainsaw, a bowling ball, and a sword. It’s crazy at best. Marketing wants those new release features,…

Steve Jobs as a product manager

What I learned from Steve Jobs as a Product Manager

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I recently watched the movie Jobs. While in China, I read the book “Steve Jobs” by Walter Isaacson and it brought back many thoughts about Steve Jobs as a product…

Planning and Reflection of a Product Manager

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As we near the end of the year, I like to reflect on the past year and plan for the next year. I believe it is that reflection that helps…

The Secret to Your Success as a Product Manager? -Get passionate about your product.

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Let’s face it, the product manager job can be hard. There can be many competing priorities as well as key stakeholders that all believe their feature is the most important….

Toastmasters; an Essential Component of a Product Manager’s Personal Growth Plan

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As a product manager, I have found Toastmasters to be a vital component of my personal growth plan. This blog post will explain why I think it’s the perfect training…

Achievement and Vulnerability; Living With Both.

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I’ll admit it, I’m a guy that get’s things done. I’ve always been driven to achievement or accomplishment. I typically think my way through things. When given a tough problem…

Free Game?

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Is it a free game? In my quest to learn more about mobile apps, I installed the mobile app game DeerHunter 2014. I grew up deer hunting in southwest Washington…

Health and performance as a product manager

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The life of a product manager can be hectic. The deadlines, engineering delays, product quality issues, customer complaints, marketing promotions, sales commitments and all the other challenges that face a…

Understanding the “Why” in Product Management

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That’s the way it has always been done. That’s the way so and so does it. In product management more than most professions, it is important to know why you…

Product Marketing Manager: IBM Electronic Support

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As Product Marketing Manager for IBM Electronic Support, I was responsible for this website as well as many other aspects of informing customers of IBM Electronic Support.

Senior Product Manager: IBM Electronic Service Agent

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Here is a website describing the IBM Automated ‘Call Home’ technologies I managed as a Senior Product Manager.

big earl

Senior Product Manager: IBM Call Home Video

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Here is a video about the product I managed at IBM.  

Redbook: IBM Electronic Services

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Here as an IBM Redbook explaining the technology that I managed.

IBM Systems Journal Article

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While a product manager for IBM, here is a Systems Journal article that I led the effort in creating that explains the function and value of IBM Automated Call Home.

Published Article: Germany Today

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While a product manager at IBM, here is a sample article I wrote for “Service Today”, a magazine published in Germany.

Customer Success Story

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Here is an example of what customers say about the products I managed. Allenberg Cotton Success Story [pdfjs-viewer url= viewer_width=1000px viewer_height=1000px fullscreen=true download=true print=true openfile=false]

Giving Thanks as a Product Manager

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It’s Thanksgiving day. Are you thankful? Or are you busy with all the work that goes into cooking, family get togethers, and your thanksgiving traditions. As a Product Manager I…


Quotes for a product manager to live by.

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I’ve always enjoyed good quotes. If you can’t find the exact words to communicate your thought, quotes are often a source to communicate more effectively. As a Product Manager, I…

product manager leadership

The two skills vital in product management – leadership and problem solving

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Leadership and problem solving are the two most important skills in Product Management. First of all, I like the simple definition that management is doing things right and leadership is…

Bob Haataia

Hello World! – Bob Haataia on Product Management

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Today, this website is born. My name is Bob Haataia and I am a product manager. I am so addicted to product management that I desire to live and breath…