Bob Haataia

Senior Product Leader in Information Technology Consulting


Find answers to commonly asked questions about Bob Haataia and his expertise in the Information Technology Consultant industry.

Bob Haataia is a Senior Product Leader with a successful track record in transforming enterprise software and cloud products. He excels in solving complex problems and leveraging Agile development methodologies.

Bob Haataia provides end-to-end product management services, focusing on increasing global sales, reducing support costs, and delivering a superior product experience. He has experience in Sales, Support, Consulting, Engineering, and Product Management.

Bob Haataia’s mission is to solve today’s business challenges with technology while emphasizing the importance of understanding and articulating the ‘WHY’. This approach leads to loyal customers and motivates development teams.

Bob Haataia specializes in Senior Product Leadership, Cloud Products, Enterprise Software, Agile Development Methodologies, Product Management, and Consulting. His focus is on delivering exceptional product experiences and building inspired development teams.

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