Giving Thanks as a Product Manager

It’s Thanksgiving day. Are you thankful? Or are you busy with all the work that goes into cooking, family get togethers, and your thanksgiving traditions. As a Product Manager I want to encourage you to be thankful. Never underestimate the power of giving thanks. Correct use of praise and giving thanks can build strong bonds between you and your team.

In a world that gives out trophies for participation, I sometimes think we teach our children that showing up is good enough. I have always believed as a Product Manager you need to recognize great work and always be sure to publicly recognize that work. I may have high standards for some, but I’ve always found the team often reaches the high expectations I set for them. As a Product Manager, you set the pace and the expectations for the team. It’s important to set the bar high when it comes to performance expectations and never fail to recognize those efforts. Sure, I recognize and thank the whole team for a successful product launch, but be sure to individually recognize and thank those who made significant contributions.

So this Thanksgiving, be sure to thank the team and recognize and thank those members who really deserve it.

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