Health and performance as a product manager

The life of a product manager can be hectic. The deadlines, engineering delays, product quality issues, customer complaints, marketing promotions, sales commitments and all the other challenges that face a product manager. This blog post is going to focus on an often neglected part of the discussion; health. If you think about it, your heath, your energy level, and your mental wellbeing is one of the biggest factors that contribute to poor performance.

See the embedded video on longevity. As I watched this video, I thought about eating right, being active, good relationships, and an active lifestyle.  These principles are not only good for living longer, they are good for performing at your best.

He has narrowed it down to Move Naturally, Having the Right Outlook, Eat Wisely and Connect with Others. Sounds like some good advice to keep your performance at an optimal level.

Let’s hear your comments as to your health impacts on your performance. I’m not just talking about being sick and not being there at all, but I’m talking about energy levels, lack of good sleep, relationship challenges and how it impacts your overall performance.

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