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Hello World! – Bob Haataia on Product Management

Bob Haataia - Product Manager
Bob Haataia
Product Manager

Today, this website is born. My name is Bob Haataia and I am a product manager. I am so addicted to product management that I desire to live and breath it everyday. Product Management will test your skills, your desire, and commitment to be the very best. What I like most about product management is that the results are undeniable. Just like a sporting event or a contest. There are winners and losers. There is revenue and costs. Companies succeed and companies fail because of product management.

The reason I decided to blog about product management is to promote the field and to share my experiences as a product manager. It’s my way to add value to my profession. My purpose in life is to add value to the lives of those around me.  Here is a simple way that I can add value to people.

After living in Shenzhen China for the past 14 months, I have a new perspective on many things. My Chinese friends have inspired me to take my game to another level.  With technology all things are possible. In the day to day world you are limited by the number of people you can meet and talk to. With the internet the possibilities are endless. Whether this website adds value to one person or a million people, the purpose is the same; To add value to you.

I intend to share short easy to read blog posts and encourage you to comment. I have a forum to facilitate a more active dialogue. The stories here are real, but the names have been changes to protect the innocent. The stories are both from current day and from my past experiences.

I’m excited to share this journey with you… So here we go!

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